Brighter Smiles, Cornwall’s Oral Health Campaign, have been awarded a grant of £2,000 in order to reach Nanpean Nippers pre-school children and Nanpean Community Primary School pupils and give them the opportunity to receive oral health education to help prevent tooth extractions, reduce lost school days and lost parental working days.  The Brighter Smiles team have set up tooth-brushing clubs in the nursery and reception classes, apply flouride varnishing to the teeth of reception and Year 1 pupils and provide home oral health care packs to all the children.

Feedback received from parents include:

“It’s a really good idea to make children aware how important teeth brushing is and just how long they need to brush for”

“As a dentist and a parent, the listening of my daughter is blurred on oral hygiene! So I have been very grateful for the help!”

Further information on the Brighter Smiles Oral Health Campaign can be found here:

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