About the Trust

The Trust has the responsibility of distributing the funds associated with the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC). Funded by both Cornwall Council and Suez(Sita UK), the Trust receives £200,000 a year during the construction period and around £100,000 per year during the operational life of the CERC. The Trust is made up of six parish Councillors and seven local resident trustees, they have a sound working knowledge of the local community and its needs. All Trustees are voluntary members of the Trust and as such receive no remuneration from the fund whatsoever.

Aims of the Trust

To support projects and individuals who live in the area of benefit. Support is mainly in the form of grants. The trust can provide revenue or capital for projects, but prefers to support project costs rather than the core costs of running an organisation. It will, however, fund a reasonable proportion of running costs associated with a project that it is supporting.

To offer information and advice to applicants to assist them in planning and delivering projects that will make a positive impact to the people.

To be a model grant maker and achieve maximum benefit from the funds the trust invests

Area of Benefit

The St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust is active in the shaded area (Area of Benefit) of the map shown below:

Objectives of the Trust

  1. To promote the preservation of health of people living in the Area of Benefit.
  2. To assist in the provision of recreational facilities for the people living in the area of benefit in the interests of social welfare who by reason of their youth,age,infirmity, disablement, financial, social or economic circumstances have need of such facilities with the object of improving their condition of life.
  3. To promote the protection and improvement of the environment in the Area of Benefit.
  4. To promote sustainable development: sustainable development means “development which meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Who Finances Us?

Funding from Cornwall Council and Suez (Sita UK).

Funded from Cornwall Council and Suez (Sita UK), the trust receives £200,000 a year during the construction period and approx £100,000 per year during the life of the incinerator. The trust which is independent from Cornwall Council and Suez (Sita UK) is set up to benefit the residents of the designated area. The Trust has the responsibility of distributing the funds associated with the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre.

Registered office:


1 Fore St,

St Dennis,

Saint Austell

PL26 8AF




01872 243539

St Dennis and Nanpean Community Charitable incorporated organisation is a registered charity and is registered with the Charities commission". Registered charity No: 1164049

If you would like an application form in a word document please email us info@stdennisnanpeanct.org.uk   Apply Now