Application Forms

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 Grant Application Form

Fund Details



Large Grant (£1,000 and over)

small Grant under £1000

How much are you applying for?  £

Please make sure you read and understand our grant guidelines before completing this application.

Contact Details

 Name of organisation

Name of applicant


Organisation address:






Correspondence Address (if different)







Applicant’s position in organisation


Daytime telephone number


Mobile number


Email address


How did you hear about this fund?  


About your organisation

Please tell us a little bit about your organisation


















 Please confirm you have the following and provide copies, where relevant:

Health and Safety Policy Yes/No
Public Liability Insurance for your activities Yes/No
Safeguarding policies if you work with young people or vulnerable adults Yes/No
DBS checks and certificates Yes/No


Are you a registered charity? – if so please let us have your Charity number Yes/No

Charity No:

If you are not a registered charity please confirm what type of group you are ·         Community group with constitution

·         Community Interest Company (CIC)

·         Other ( please specify)

Which geographical area are you working in? St Dennis/Nanpean/St Stephen/Treviscoe
Do you employ any staff?  If so how many? Yes/No

How many?

How many committee members/Trustees/Directors run your organisation?


Your application must meet one of the Trust’s objectives as set out below.  Please tick all that apply.

(1) To promote the preservation of health of people living in the Area of Benefit;

(2) To advance the arts, culture, heritage or science;

(3) To assist in the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, have need of such facilities;

(4) To promote the protection and improvement of the environment;

5)To advance such charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the trustees see fit from time to time
Nothing in this constitution shall authorise an application of the property of the Charity for purposes which are not exclusively charitable purposes for the public benefit.

About your project

Briefly describe your project







 Community Benefit

How do you know that this project is needed? What are the benefits to the community?  Who and how many will benefit?  Please state if figures are actual or estimated.






Project timescales

When will your project start and end?  For large grants, projects must be completed within 2 years. Please bear in mind projects must not start until a grant decision has been made and allow sufficient time for the application to go to Panel and for notification of their decision to be received.

Start date: End date:

Evaluating your project

Once the funding is finished how will you know if the project has been successful? E.g. 10 people will have attended 5 activity sessions and learnt new skills/ feel less isolated and lonely







 Where appropriate describe how the on-going costs will be met once the project is complete.  For large capital builds requiring sums of grant funding (over £50,000) please also supply a business plan for the project.


Do you produce annual accounts? Yes/No
Total income for last year  
Total expenditure for last year  
Total amount held in any investments or  bank accounts





Please explain if any monies in bank accounts or investments are set aside or restricted for a specific purpose

e.g. a grant from another funder

If so please let us know how much

Details for payment of funds by cheque

(please note cheques can only be made out to organisation names):

Cheque to be made out in the name of :


Details for payment by BACS Account Name:

Sort Code:

Account Number:

 Please provide a breakdown of your costs for the project

Type of cost Total Cost – please do not include VAT if your organisation is VAT registered
Total Amount Requested
Are you putting any of your own funds towards the project?  If so how much?  Note:  This is not compulsory. 



How Much?

If you are obtaining part funding from another source is this money secure or still subject to an application? Secure or

Subject to Application

Where appropriate please supply a breakdown of expenditure and how it will be split between funders.

e.g.  Total project budget £100,000.  £50,000 from St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust and £50,000 from the Lottery.

Applications for capital expenditure (buildings) only


  • Does your organisation own/have a lease (of over 7 years) for the land in question? Yes/No                        Please show evidence of ownership/leasehold entitlement
  • Do you have planning consent for the project? Yes/No/ Not required Please show evidence
  • Where appropriate do you have other consents? Yes/No/ Not required (Please state what is needed and whether it is in place – if it is please enclose evidence)
  • Is your building listed? Yes/No
  • Please provide evidence of a tender process, or supply 3 written quotations for the work proposed (please note your application cannot be considered without this information)
  • Are you VAT registered? Yes/No

Do you expect any jobs to be created as a result of this project?  If so how many?  

How many volunteers will be involved in the delivery of this project?

Are any of these volunteers aged between 16 and 25?  If so, how many?


Data Protection and GDPR:   Please see our Privacy Statement at: for an explanation on  the way the Trust uses and protects any information that the Trust holds on, or is given by, any individual who comes into contact with The Trust


To the best of my knowledge all the information I have provided in this application form is correct. The St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust may request further information, including additional financial records, and/or ask to arrange a visit to your project.

In signing this declaration you also confirm that:

  • Any funds received will be used solely for the purpose detailed on this form and that the grant will be returned if the specified project cannot proceed
  • Your organisation’s legally responsible person (Chair/Treasurer etc) along with your board of trustees/directors/committee, are aware that this application is being made
  • You will contact The Trust should there be any changes to your project
  • You understand that, if successful, details of the project may be published by the Trust and that you must include the Trust’s logo on any publicity (including on your website/posters/flyers etc.) about the project
  • You confirm that you have read and understood the funding guidance notes issued by the Trust



Signature:                                                         Date:                                                                    


Print Name:                                                            Role:                          



All applications received by the St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust are acknowledged and we aim to give a decision on your application within 14 days of such decision being made.

Checklist:  This application will only be considered if you enclose the following:

For all applications:

1.       A photocopy of your signed, up to date constitution/set of rules

2.       Copy of your most recent accounts

3.       Bank statement (s) issued within last 3 months


Additional checklist for all capital ( building ) applications:

All capital projects

1.       Documents referred to above

2.       Brief description of your organisation including, as appropriate, the management structure for this project, the skills/experience of members and the financial resources available for carrying out this project for which your organisation will be responsible

3.       Detailed project timetable, including critical deadlines if the site or property is under threat

4.       Condition report and repairs specification (where appropriate)

5.       Details of how the project will be managed after completion

6.       Project spend spread sheets

7.       Costed list of works to be done (including professional fees) – we accept these may be outline costs and subject to tender

8.       Information about running and maintenance  costs

9.       Treatment of VAT

10.   Treatment of inflation

11.   Details of any securities in place or required for the site or property e.g.  bank loans /mortgages etc

12.   Risk assessment of the project

13.   A signed minute of any undertaking to support new or additional running costs for a period of at least 10 years


  Additional Checklist – New Builds

1.       Copy of design brief including summary of  design objectives

2.       Measured survey drawings, including elevations, showing any existing buildings and proposed additions, alterations or change of use

3.       Details of engineering services, structural design and energy  plans

4.       Details of external finishes, external materials and landscaping plans

Please remember to take a copy of your application before submitting.

Important notes:

All applications are made entirely at the applicant’s risk.  The Trust is not liable to any applicant or any other party for loss, damage, or costs arising directly or indirectly from an application.

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