The Trust is made up of six Parish Councillors and seven local resident trustees with a sound working knowledge of the local community and its needs. The trust is committed to improving the quality of life in the area of benefit.

They are responsible for the trusts governance, its strategy and for making decisions on all funding. All Trustees are voluntary members of the and as such receive no remuneration from the fund whatsoever. The Trustees will meet on a monthly basis.

Julia Clarke, St Dennis Parish Cllr Trustee

Jen Burnett, St Dennis Parish Cllr Trustee

Dick Cole, Cornwall Cllr Trustee

Tanya Edmunds, St Dennis Parish Cllr Trustee

Lynn Clarke, St Dennis Resident Trustee (chair)

Ann Chapman, St Dennis Resident Trustee

Jo Lake, St Dennis Resident Trustee

Karen Taylor (St Dennis Parish council stand in), St Dennis Resident Trustee

Matt Nicholls, Nanpean Resident Trustee

Keith Truscott, St Stephen Parish Cllr Trustee

Mike Mclening ,St Stephen Parish Cllr Trustee

Vacancy – St Stephen/Nanpean/Treviscoe

Vacancy – St Stephen/Nanpean/Treviscoe



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