The St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust is a registered charity (1164049) and exists to award funds (from the Section 106 agreement between Cornwall Council and SUEZ, for the construction of the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre) to projects that will provide social and environmental benefit to people living within the Area of Benefit (St Dennis and Nanpean Electoral Division AND the Parish of St Dennis)

The Trust will only fund projects that meet at least one of the Trust’s charitable objectives, AND meet our funding criteria.


The Charities Objectives

  1. To promote the preservation of health of people living in the area of benefit.


  1. To assist in the provision of recreational facilities for the people living in the area of benefit in the interests of social welfare who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity, disablement, financial or social or economic circumstances, have need of such facilities with the object of improving their condition of life.


  1. To promote the protection and improvement of the environment in the area of benefit.


  1. To promote sustainable development: sustainable development means ”development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Nothing in this constitution shall authorise an application of the property of the charity for purposes which are not exclusively charitable purposes for the public benefit.


About the project

  • The main aim of the project must be to benefit residents in the Area of Benefit. ( A project can also benefit residents outside the Area of Benefit but this will not be taken into account when deciding on whether to fund a project or not. People from outside the area of benefit may use the project facilities or attend activities but not to the detriment of benefitting residents in the Area of Benefit.)
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate that there is a demand for the outcome or impact that would result from the project being supported by the Trust.
  • The project should show additionality, that is show the funding will allow the organisation/
  • group to do something they otherwise could not do.
  • The Trust’s support of a project should, where appropriate, increase the potential number of beneficiaries able to use the facility, service or resource
  • A project should be able to demonstrate that it has support of the relevant Parish Council/ Cornwall Council where appropriate.
  • The project should show it will not have a detrimental effect on another organisation or business in the Area of Benefit
  • The Trust will only fund project costs, not day-to-day running costs of the organisation. The project budget should include all the costs for the running of the project (such as administration costs), to ensure the project aims are achievable.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate that there is enough funding in place for the project to succeed.
  • Project funding cannot be used to pay for any items or services procured in advance of funding being agreed
  • Applicants should have a minimum of fifteen years ownership or effective control of the facility if the project involves capital expenditure


What we will fund

  • Local community groups/organisations based in the Area of Benefit
  • Charities registered with the Charities Commission based in the Area of Benefit
  • Community Interest Companies based in the Area of Benefit

What we don’t fund

  • Projects which are primarily or exclusively intended to promote political or religious beliefs
  • Projects which intend to replace or substitute for a service that is a statutory duty of Cornwall Council or the Government to provide
  • Projects based outside the Area of Benefit that only benefit residents living in the Area of Benefit peripherally
  • Donations or loans to individuals
  • Donations or loans to Community Interest Companies which are limited by shares
  • Donations or loans to Community Interest Companies which are not recognised by the CIC Regulator
  • Donations or loans to businesses (sole traders/partnerships/limited companies etc)


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