The St Dennis and Nanpean Charitable Trust is a grant giving trust.  The Trust’s funds are the result of a S106 agreement between Cornwall Council and Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre for the construction of the Cornwall Energy Recovery Plant at St Dennis.


The purpose of the fund is to offer opportunities to the Trust and other eligible “not for profit” organisations in The St Dennis Electoral Division (the Area of Benefit) to receive grants so they may create and/or deliver projects for the benefit of their community and members via a simple, effective, inclusive programme.  Our priority is to allocate grants where they will achieve maximum impact and demonstrably make an improvement in people’s lives.  We have therefore spent time reviewing how our grants can make a difference in the area and as a local funder we want to create the best outcomes by:


  • Supporting good local activities to be effective and financially sustainable
  • Bringing new ideas and services to the Area of Benefit
  • Helping to create better functioning organisations (improving the capacity of the local organisations and community groups)


What We Fund


All the grants we give must fit one of our charitable objects which are:


(1) To promote the preservation of health of people living in the Area of Benefit;

(2) To advance the arts, culture, heritage or science;

(3) To assist in the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, have need of such facilities;

(4) To promote the protection and improvement of the environment;

(5) To advance citizenship or community development;

(6) To promote sustainable development;

(7) To prevent or relieve poverty.



Deadlines and guidelines


We currently have 3 funding streams with varying deadlines:


  • Applications for Fixed Grants of £250: These applications will operate on a rolling basis and you are able to apply at any time.  Applications will be assessed upon receipt and will normally be sent to panel within 4 weeks to allow for quick decision making.


  • Applications for grants from £250 to £1000: The Small Grants programme will operate on a rolling basis and you are able to apply at any time. Applications will be assessed upon receipt and normally be sent to panel within 4 weeks to allow for quick decision-making.


  • Applications for Large Grants of £1000 and over: Applications are reviewed by the Grants Panel on a quarterly basis.  Applications for grants must be received by the Grants Administrator, by the application closing date, published on the Trust’s website.  See our website for current dates (hyperlink).


NOTE:  The Trust’s preference is for all applications to be made online.   However where necessary applications can still be made via a paper application (contact Fund Administrator for details at


Funding Guidelines:  Our current funding guidelines can be found at:  (insert hyperlink).  Our funding guidelines do change from time to time so applicants are advised to check the published guidelines on our website before beginning any application. Applications which do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.


Applications unlikely to succeed


The Trustees do not support:


  • Applications from sole traders, private members clubs, private business or any other “for profit” organisation. All applicants will be asked for evidence of their “not for profit” structure e.g. a copy of an organisation’s constitution.


  • Organisations not based or operating in the area of benefit. However organisations based outside of this area, or organisations based in the area but operating county wide, can apply on the condition that a significant percentage of beneficiaries attending the project reside within the area of benefit and that this can be evidenced


  • General appeals or letters/mail-shots requesting donations


  • Grant-making organisations seeking funding for the purpose of awarding grants to others


  • Organisations with liquid (free) reserves covering more than 6 months’ expenditure unless they can clearly demonstrate that they are in financial need


  • Organisations that do not yet have a track record of service delivery (or other convincing evidence of ability)


  • On-going running and core costs (including salaries not related to project delivery) unless the Grants Panel believes there is an exceptional reason to do so. If you think you may have an exceptional case please email the Grants Manager before applying.  The Grants Manager will take advice from the Grants Panel on whether such application is likely to be deemed exceptional and notify you accordingly.


  • Projects which mainly benefit people outside the Area of Benefit


  • Projects which have already been started (i.e. retrospective funding)


  • Campaigning or lobbying projects


  • Work usually considered a statutory responsibility of local or national government


  • Projects which cannot be completed within 12 months (Small Grants) or 24 months (Large Grants)


  • Projects which require planning permission/other consents and such permission or consent has not been obtained (and evidenced to the Trust) prior to a panel meeting


  • Applications asking for donations


  • Applications for capital expenditure which cannot evidence a minimum of 5years ownership or effective control of land or buildings which are the subject of the application



Grants vary in amount, but generally fall within the range of £250 to £30000. The total amount awarded varies from year to year according to available funds. As a guide, in the year 2017–2018, 12 grants were awarded from our fund totalling £63,781.


In the current financial climate, commitments to make future payments are rarely given for the same project. Organisations which have received a grant are encouraged to apply in the next and subsequent years for different projects, but should note that only rarely will grants be given to the same organisation for four successive years. This does not however mean that an organisation that has received three successive grants will not be eligible in future years, just that we would not generally award a grant in year four.


Exceptional grants

The Trustees may occasionally consider larger exceptional grants, but this is unusual and generally confined to organisations that we know well and have supported for some time. There is no separate application process for this, and contenders will be identified from the normal grant round. In the year 2017/2018 no grants over £30,000 were awarded from this programme.




St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust’s grant-making is managed by a board of trustees who give their time freely to undertake the work of the Trust. They are led by Chair of Trustees Lynne Clarke, and supported by the Vice Chair, Jo Lake


The day to day running of the foundation is undertaken by the Trust Administrator  who works part-time, one day a week .Enquiries should be made to: or via the website’s contact page. Telephone or Skype calls can be arranged by appointment.


Grant Manager contact details:  Diane Taylor.


Apply now deadline for next round of applications is Friday 23rd August 2019   Apply Now