ClayTAWC ‘s objective is to promote the interest of the community through the advancement of education. The grant provided by the trust means that they can now offer a “Monday Club” which is available to all ages and provides practical advice and training around job searches, money advice and IT access and training.

ClayTAWC is the Clay Area Training and Work Centre based in St. Dennis, Cornwall.
We are here to provide support to Clay Area residents in training, education and working towards employment. Their courses and activities are varied and range from computer training to sewing.

ClayTAWC is open, not only to those people on a course or participating in activities, but to those who want to pop into their local community venue for a coffee, a chat and to find out what’s going on in their area.

ClayTAWC opened its doors on the 29th July 2000 and has not looked back since. They are successfully helping many people with training to realise their potential and build on life skills.

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Please note our new contact number. 07900117241  Apply Now